A partnership between Stanley Tham and Kusnin Tan, KNQ Associates (acronym for the partners’ names ‘Kusnin’ and ‘Quan 权’) began in 2004 as a boutique design firm specialising in the art of making over living spaces – a one-of-a-kind service called Home Rejuvenation. Our work philosophy earned us many excellent testimonials over the early years and by 2010, we started to focus on residential interior design. Our forte lies in crafting homes which balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality, regardless of its size.


Today, our 4-person setup comprises of team members who are skilled in areas of conceptual development, space planning, project management, 3D/ CAD drawing production as well as home accessorising and styling. We have since also expanded our repertoire to include commercial projects such as hotels, retail shops and offices. Due to our relentless pursuit of quality workmanship and design integrity, our projects were shortlisted in various recognised interior design awards and the studio was ranked as one of Singapore’s top design firms by leading publications such as Build (UK), Singapore Tatler Homes and Singapore Home & Decor in recent years.


Design Philosophy

By adopting a user-centric approach for every project, we want to ensure the result is always tailored to suit the occupant’s lifestyle and preferences. We make an effort to understand and analyse our client’s design brief from the get go, and then address the key requirements during the design conceptualisation process. The homes we create are emotive, practical and aesthetically pleasing, often engaging the home owners on a much deeper level. Whether it is a personal home gallery for a precious art collection or a bathroom which throws up memories of a spa visit, we truly understand the joys of living and how to convert those dreams into real experiences that can be enjoyed at home.


Stanley Tham


A self-proclaimed perfectionist who lives by the quote ‘Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication’. He dislikes ostentation and clutter all his life. Art, books and music drive his mind constantly. Methodological but never hesitating to break the rules, he is always looking into the future (though he feels nostalgic all the time).

Kusnin Tan


He dreams of designing houses at a young age. A strong believer in the effects of good design on one’s lifestyle and human behaviours, he never forgets that form should always follow function and that God is in the details. One can easily spot him at the museums or art galleries when he is not participating in any marathons.