December 5, 2016


There is something mesmerising about looking at the workspaces of other artists, designers and creators. Looking at the things they collect and how their personally crafted environment inspire their work offers me much insight into the creative process of other designers, and in turn provides me with new ideas in my own work.
Where They Create is a visual documentation of the creative environments of artist & creatives that Paul Babera met during his travels for photography assignments. He invites us into these spaces: the offices, studios or even workshops. The blog posts are filled with beautiful photos taken by Barbera. Together with the insightful interviews, they reveal the nature of the work that’s being done in there, and the people working inside. You get to see the unique collectibles sitting on the shelves or hanging on the walls, the beaten furniture in the rooms, the atmosphere of the entire workspace and most importantly, personal spaces filled with life. Essentially, these aren’t your highly polished, pretty interiors found in countless other interior design publications.

A site highly recommended.