At KNQ Associates, the true essence of interior design is always about people and how they live. Hence, creating an interior space with individuality and characteristics unique to each and every occupant is key to the success of every interior design project.

If you are not familiar with the interior design industry in Singapore, you may not be aware of the various phases of design, from conception to completion. Our studio adopts the following process as a framework to systematically address each of our interior design projects from beginning to end.

Phase 1: Inquiry
We will have a discussion with you to understand your lifestyle, requirements and budget set for your home renovation. At this phase, the provision of a floor plan from you will suffice.

Phase 2: Design and budget development
The conceptualization of the design begins here and preliminary ideas will be clearly presented to you. We will also provide a cost estimate based on the preliminary design.

Phase 3: Design and budget refinement
At this phase, detailed drawings are produced with considerations to the different aspects of the design. The budget for the project will also be finalised. If possible, we will also conduct a site visit.

Phase 4: Documentation
Prior to building permit application, if any, and construction, technical drawings and specifications are prepared by us at the back end. We will also advise you on the finer interior design aspects, ie the selection of furniture, lighting, fixtures, window treatment and decorative accessories/ art.

Phase 5: Construction and project management
On-site construction and installation commence at this phase. We will schedule the various vendors and sub-contractors to execution the works according to the sequence. Periodic updates will be provided to you to ensure we stay on course for the timely completion of the project.